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Huns Youth Rugby Leagues

Styles of play

Huns Youth Rugby follows the USA Rugby guidelines for for Youth Rugby formats and age groups based on grade level:  

Division Age Group Gender Ball Size Field Size Type Rules Description
Mini preK/K Co-Ed 3 1/4 Non-contact Pure Chaos Fun, game filled activities for the littles to run, play, and toss the ball; just like their older siblings.  Parents jump in and have fun too.



Co-Ed 3 1/4 Non-contact USA Rookie Rugby Teams are generally 7-a-side, but flexible based on participation.  Format is non-contact flag or two-hand-touch.
Middle School



Co-Ed 4 1/2 Tackle Olympic 7's 7-a-side or 10-a-side based on participation.  Limited scrums, lineouts, kicking.
High School





5 full Tackle Rugby Union 15's 15-a-side.  Full Union Rules. May play 10's based on participation.  May combine 9th-12th based on participation.



preK-4th Feb-Apr
5th-8th Jan-Apr (may be some Dec practices)
9th-12th Jan-Apr (may be some Dec practices)

competition & practices

Participants come from all over the Austin-metro area, so we try to limit commute days and times.  Generally we have a combined practice and game every Saturday morning during the season at the Austin Huns Rugby Field. Games are typically inter-squad games.  As rugby gains in popularity and more teams are coming into existence, we sometimes host other teams or travel to other areas to gain experience.  Travel is usually limited to the Central Texas Area. Typical Schedule:

  • Saturdays 9am-10:30am - Practice (varies based on age group)
  • Saturdays 10:30am-11:30am - Game
  • Saturdays 11:30am-12pm - After game feed and social for players and parents.
Huns Youth Rugby Main Website About, Contacts, Maps, etc
Huns Youth Rugby Facebook Follow us on facebook for the latest registration & season info, as well as Opportunities for Youth to particpate in: Huns Elite Game Events! USA Rugby Events!, Huns Elite game discounts!, and Real Time Info on schedule, weather, etc