All HS Girl’s Teams will attend State. The Point system below will determine your seeding for the State


The point system below is based on teams attending all 4 of the 5 State (7s) tournaments. We encourage you to

bring the girls that can play and get partial points. This does not include Middle School teams as they are not in

the running for state.

Point system: Proposed using standard Rugby union point system.

Common point system is:

● 4 points for winning a match

● 2 points for drawing a match

● 0 points for losing a match

● 1 losing bonus point for losing by 7 points (or fewer)

● 1 try bonus point for scoring (at least) 4 tries, regardless of the outcome.

In this system, winning teams get 4 or 5 points; drawing teams 2 or 3 points; and losing teams between 0 and 2


All tournaments will be a round robin, with points awarded based off of wins/losses. The Girls Director will

develop every tournament schedule.

Minimum of 7 players - for full points, allowed 2 injury subs from another team. The loaned players will change

with every game.

Teams that show up to tournaments with a minimum of 5 players from their core team will get 1/2 of the points

earned per match.

Currently I am only aware of the following HS Girls Teams participating in the Spring 2024 7s season:

Woodlands gold and Woodlands green, Spartans, Faith and Family, Plano. Katy, Rock and Dallas.

Email the Girls Director at if you will have a full 7s team playing.

Teams with low numbers may merge preseason with another team and play the season together and you will be

allowed full points. Email the Girls Director at by 1/28/2023 with the following


Coach(s), Coaches Contact information (cell and email), Team Name, Teams Merging, and Current

Roster Numbers.

Girls must be rostered and have attended two qualifying tournaments to be eligible to play in the State

Tournament. Rosters with a picture of the players will be emailed to the Girls Director the day prior to each

tournament. Players and Coaches will check in prior to their first game.