Rugby Texas 

Risk & Safety

Risk and Safety

Securing a safe area for training sessions and matches is important. Programs should make every effort to use adequately sodded or turf surfaces to prevent injuries. Fields must be void of hazards such as broken glass, protruding rocks, sprinkler heads and holes. When examining playing surfaces, size, availability, access for emergency vehicles, available parking, lights, and usage requirements should also be considered. 

As a member of USA Rugby, all clubs have access to liability insurance which provides protection in case of property damage or bodily injury to third parties. These parties may include the venue owner, coaches, referees, sponsors, spectators and others. Most venue owners will require this type of insurance before a club is allowed to step on the field of play. 

Severe Weather

Use common sense when it comes to severe weather! Early communication is critical, the home team should be in regular contact with the visiting team, the assigned referee, and the Rugby Texas Director of Competitions to confirm match changes, cancellations and or reschedules.

If there is any concerns, questions or disagreement between the parties (home, away & referee) regarding the playing of the match please contact the Rugby Texas Director of Competitions, or Rugby Texas President directly for final resolution.

Safety Guidelines

Rugby Texas adheres to USA Rugby’s Safety Guidelines.

Field Requirements

*Does not apply to beach or social events with modified rules

Medical & Safety


Alcohol sales are prohibited at any youth and high school events.